The Nursery Curriculum

    Young children develop rapidly during this time - physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Our aim is to offer a well - balanced curriculum, providing materials and equipment appropriately matched to the child's age and stage of development. Within the framework of the curriculum, the children will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of learning activities, designed to promote the development of key skills, such as listening, speaking, concentration, learning to work together and co-operate with other children.

      In line with the current U.K practice, the Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care Curriculum  is organized into six main areas. Many activities the children engage in develop skills in more than one of these areas at a time, however the activities are planned to ensure that the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum. This curriculum is delivered through carefully structured play activities which allow all children to develop their knowledge and skills.

The areas of the curriculum are listed below:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

    This area covers important personal and social skills which children need to develop. We develop the child’s confidence in meeting new people and new situations, their ability to focus, concentrate and meet challenges. We enable them to become independent in all their activities within the unit, help them to play, co-operate and share with their peers. We develop their ability to understand and express their feelings and to respect the beliefs and traditions of different cultures.

Communication, Language and Literacy:


      Included here are the important pre-reading, pre-writing, listening and speaking skills which children need. Here we develop the child’s book handling skills, enjoyment of sharing books and ability to listen and reflect on stories. We develop emergent writing and the ability to listen to others and to talk with others.

Mathematical Knowledge and Understanding:

    There are important concepts, skill and language the children need to develop before they are ready to begin formal mathematics. In the Nursery we give the child a wide range of practical activities to develop understanding of number, mathematical language of shape, size and position and simple problem solving.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

    This area focuses on the understanding of natural materials, the environment of the child, information technology skills and the ability to plan and design. Here we provide the children

with experiences handling natural materials such as sand, water and clay. We develop their awareness of their environment. We give them opportunities to use computers, programmable toys and cassette recorders.. They use construction kits and reclaimed materials to make models.

Creative Development:

    In this area children experience a variety of art activities (creating pictures, collages and models and experimenting with color mixing) and a range of musical activities (using instruments, singing and responding to music through movement). In this area we provide the children with a wide range of media with which to experiment. We develop their ability to handle and control tools or instruments in an appropriate manner.

Physical Development:

    Children must develop their strength and skills to

learn to control their bodies in both large and

fine movement. Here we increase their agility,

co-ordination, awareness of space, body control

and ball handling skills through our. P. E. lessons.

We develop their fine motor skills through handling equipment and toys which require control and strength to manipulate. Through this curriculum each child develops skills and understanding, meets challenges and grows in self esteem and independence to be ready to make the transition to the Reception   year.


     Each time we read with very small children they learn a little more about how books work and how stories work and the way we use language in stories. Pre school children can also learn how letters and sounds work to form  the most basic parts of reading. It teaches them to focus and develops concentration.  It develops auditory perception - to hear what is said. It builds their vocabulary and gives them  ideas to think about. Ideas are what the mind eats - "mind food", in other words. It develops their imagination. Imagination is the ability to produce many scenarios from one set of facts. That is creativity. Creativity is the basis of effective problem solving. Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care lay equal emphasis on reading with the young children thus building good reading habits and develop love for books.


      Arabic the National language of U.A.E  is given due importance in the Nursery curriculum. Children from the age of 1yr – 4+ yrs are able to understand the language and are able to sing songs and nasheeds in Arabic. Arabic lessons for the age group of 2 – 3 yrs are art/craft based, whereas the lesson for the older kids require

them to identify and  write the letters independently.  

Islamic Studies:

       Islamic Studies is taught to Muslim children only.

The children are taught Duaas, Surahs, Islamic etiqoettes

and Quranic stories.


       Excursions outside the nursery are planned experiences and parents are always notified of details and permission slips obtained prior to the outing. Without the permission slip the child will not be eligible for the planned excursion.


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