Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care


Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care was founded in February 2007 in Khuzam and its first branch in September 2009 in Mamourah, RAK to give quality care and provide meaningful, stimulating learning environment to infants, early toddlers, late toddlers and preschoolers and cater to their needs and potentials. It is a fully independent private nursery approved and licensed by the Ministry of Education, Dubai, UAE and operates in accordance with the laws of the U.A.E.

       We love the fact that we have up to 27 nationalities in our nursery as this allows us to recognize and observe cultures from around the world. Our nurseries are multicultural and we are sure to celebrate this in every way possible.


         Our mission is to cultivate a community of families and educators working together to provide a safe, stimulating and an enriching environment that aims at fostering the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and language development of every child through play based learning and discovery.

         Our mission is to build partnership bonds with parents on the foundations of mutual trust, reliability, accountability and integrity thereby establishing a nurturing environment that supports bilingual education.

        Our mission is to provide its well qualified and well experienced practitioners and child care staff with continuous professional development opportunities provided by internationally recognised training and consultancy agencies in accordance with EYFS framework.


At Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care, we envision our children to grow and develop physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, creatively, linguistically and succeed as productive global citizens through child centred and adult facilitated learning, thereby unfolding the aptitude of becoming leader and shaper of his/her world.


                                                                                               OUR BELIEF

       Children begin learning from their first day in this world; therefore, it is important for your children to attend a quality nursery in order to support a strong foundation for their future years of development and education.

     Children are naturally motivated to learn and that it is our role as educators to facilitate and create an environment which supports their passion and excitement for learning.