A very warm welcome to the Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care website, we hope that you enjoy reading through our philosophy and Nursery policies.

Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care was founded in February 2007 in Khuzam, RAK, to give quality care and provide meaningful, stimulating learning environment to pre-nursery children and to cater to the growing child’s needs and potentials. It is a fully independent private nursery approved and licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and operates in accordance with the laws of the U.A.E.

Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care opened its first branch in 2009 in Mamourah, RAK.

Both the branches work in extreme coordination. Although the infrastructure may differ but they are a mirror image of each other in terms of lesson planning and execution of the planning done. All facilities and activities are equal too.


The mission of the Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care is to cultivate a community of families and teachers working together to provide a safe, stimulating and positive environment that enhances and fosters the physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and social development of individual children through play based learning and discovery.

Our mission is to build partnership bonds with parents based on mutual trust, reliability, and loyalty; thereby providing a nurturing environment which stimulates the social, emotional, health, and intellectual growth of your child.


At Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care, we envision for our children to become active participants in, and shapers of, their worlds and to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally and globally though child based, teacher facilitated learning.

We are very passionate about providing parents and children with the best possible care and education and so we are very clear about our belief, values and the practices that go into the integration of the Nursery program.


Children begin learning from their first day in this world, therefore, it is important for your children to attend a Nursery of upmost quality in order to support a strong foundation for your children’s future years of development and education.

We believe that learning must be 'meaningful and significant ' for a child and so our planning and play experiences are explored through a practical 'hands on' approach. Children are naturally motivated to learn and that it is our role as teachers to facilitate and create an environment which supports a child's passion and excitement for learning.


We promise to:

     -     Maintain the highest standards of excellence in care and education.

     -     Provide a safe and secure environment where the parent knows their  child is safe

     and a child feels at home.

     -     Work together as a team (nursery + families +  community), to

     -     provide an appropriate educational program for each child in an appropriate learning


     -     Respect and strengthen each child’s abilities.

     -     Address the cultural diversity of our nursery population in order to assure that the

     need of every child is taken care of.

     -     Listen and respond to our families’ needs and the developmental needs of their


     -     Value the intellectual growth and make the process of discovery pleasurable and



We feel immense pleasure in providing a range of activities that emphasizes a balance of planned and child initiated learning experiences that supports a child's holistic development.

We integrate a variety of planning and assessment strategies, as it is a vital process in extending a child's learning and development..  Our approach is friendly, compassionate and we exercise empathy while integrating our varied strategies .

We love the fact that we have up to 23 nationalities in our Nursery as this allows us to recognize and observe cultures from around the world. Our Nurseries are multicultural and we are sure to celebrate this in every way possible

We would love you to visit Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care, as we are very proud of our colourful and lively learning environment. Please take the time to come and see us and be sure to bring your children along for an Introduction to Little Oxford Nursery and Day .


Every Child is Unique:

We believe that each child is a unique and special person, endowed with an individual dignity, which should be nurtured and developed as one with the body and the mind. The support of a caring and intimate community allows your children to develop self-confidence.

By recognizing different temperaments and learning styles, by challenging and encouraging, and by working as a team, our staff will help the children to develop their identity.

Partnership with Parents:

We believe that two-way communication is important for both the nursery program and the family. It is essential to understand the goals each has for the child involved. It is just as important for the child’s development to have the family support the Nursery program with enthusiasm as it is for the program to support the child.

Many parents are working and therefore they depend on their child’s pre-school more than ever for quality care, concern, and support for their children.

Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care recognizes and supports every family make-up that the children represent. We take the initiative to contact the parents and arrange for meetings at their convenience. We lay emphasis on the importance of building trust thus establishing confidence in our parents. We strive to ensure we meet each and every parents’ expectations and every child’s individual needs.

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