At Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care, we offer a variety of facilities & activities for preschoolers that include:

-CCTV surveillance

-Photography Lessons for Kids

-Digital Technology in classrooms (Tablets/Skype)

-Multimedia Room (Projector & Home Theatre)

-Sleeping Rooms



-Stimulated Babies’ Room

-Ball Pen

-Indoor and Outdoor Designated Play Areas

-Shaded Sand Pit

-Traffic Signal

-Swimming Pool

-Aerobic, Zumba, Yoga Time

-Library, Reading Time

-Music and Movement

-Brain Gym Activities

-Cooking Activities

-Messy Play, Heuristic Play

-Sensory & Exploratory Play

-Nursery Family / Staff Picnic

-Excursion / Field Trips

-Animal Farm

-Stage Performances

-Summer Programs

-Professional Development Workshops and Training Programs for -Teachers



     At Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care, we celebrate and participate in the following events with our children and teachers throughout the academic year:

-Eid Party

-End of Term Party

-Pet Day

-Share and Care Day

-Colours’ Day

-Children's Individual and Class Photos

-Charity Day

-International Day

-International Hand Wash Day

-Graduation Day

-Visit to the Zoo

-Visit to the School

-Visit to the Farm

-Visit to the Supermarket

-Visit to the Fire Department

-Visit to Al Hamra Mall

-National Day Celebration

-Special National Day Visits

-Children Nursery Graduation

-Save Our Planet – Earth Day

-Fancy Dress

-Mother's Day

-Father's Day

-Hajj – Role Play

-Postman Pat Visits the Nursery

-Gardener’s Visit

-Market Day

-Dentist’s Visit

-We are Teachers

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