Big and small routines systematize our babies’ day and their seasons and their predictability fosters a deep sense of security.

That's why at Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care we build and pursue a baby care program for our little babies depending on their age and ability.  We welcome babies from the age of 40 days.

     We operate on an ‘open door policy’ so parents are welcome at any time.

At Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care we are dedicated to providing the best quality care for our youngest and most precious ones. We try our level best to maintain a fostering and an inspiring environment in which the babies can grow, develop and learn in the way they know best... through their senses.


Baby Learning Environment

     All babies are unique and learn primarily through physical and sensory exploration, and therefore their environment must allow them to curiously investigate their bodies and their play space safely and comfortably. At Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care, we give very close consideration to the organization of space and equipment.

Baby Facilities

     Our babies rooms are designed to feel a home away from home. Each baby has their own cot, with their own bedding and in this calming and soothing environment the babies sleep peacefully.

Baby Routine

     With our team of fully qualified and certified Nurses and baby room teachers, we create individual routines that best suits you and your baby. For parents who do not have a set routine in place for their baby, we can help adjust your baby into a routine that will make them feel secure, safe, and loved, in addition to sleeping straight throughout the night.

Sensory Play

     We are passionate about providing babies with interesting and stimulating sensory play experiences that promote the connections being made in a baby's brain leading to healthy cognitive development. Messy play activities which encourage sensory and tactile development are conducted in order to achieve cognitive development.

Heuristic Play

     Heuristic play is used to describe play for babies, infants and toddlers that actively encourages exploration and discovery. A basket of natural resources is presented to the  babies who are free to explore without interruption which helps them to make their own discoveries about their world, their bodies and senses, and about texture, shape and colour.

Creative Play

     Creative play is about the "process not the product." For example the act of painting involves not only physical coordination but also important cognitive processes, so when painting we encourage babies to explore with different materials like big wide brushes, small thin brushes, rollers, large feathers, toothbrushes, large pieces of sponge and other exciting and interesting resources.

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