Little Oxford Nursery and Day Care has put together a strong and diligent team of teachers, care-takers and helpers. The administrative staff of Little Oxford Nursery is a warm and creative group of individuals who are committed to providing quality childcare in a center that values kindness and respect for others. Their goal is to offer a challenging learning program, opportunities for socialization, and a supportive setting.

Our teachers are recruited for their expertise, commitment and enthusiasm and have varying levels of education and experience. It is this diversity, uniqueness and the talent each teacher brings to their class, that contribute to the success of our preschool. One thing they all share is their commitment to providing the best possible care to our children and their families.

Our teachers are known for their unique skill of creating exciting teaching resources specifically to suit our programs besides a large range of commercially produced resources and manipulative equipment which have shown remarkable results and have helped children to achieve accelerated learning, improved co-ordination and ability to focus on tasks.

The nursery is staffed with a full-time nurse and has a tie-up with one of the leading hospitals in RAK.

We offer our staff continuous professional development workshops and training which are conducted in-house or by visiting professionals of extraordinary accolades. These courses are recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs, UAE. Our staff progresses ahead with confidence and a promise to give their best.

Building Goals:

The following building goals are always kept in mind in order to achieve the desired results:

I. To develop and expand the teacher’s knowledge and skills in early childhood.

II. To develop and expand the teacher’s knowledge in teaching children self help and building intrapersonal skills.

III. The staff will emphasize the importance on supporting children’s motivation to learn and to help them to develop positive dispositions toward learning.

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