Partnership With Parents

Supporting families

This partnership is forged through effective and frequent communication. Opportunities for supporting families as advocates, decision-makers, and policy-makers include:

     -> Establishing a dedicated phone line for families to deal with emergencies, rumors, and sensitive issues

  -> Encouraging all teachers to communicate frequently with families about curriculum plans, expectations for parents support at home, grading policies, and how families can help.

     -> Directing families’ concerns, questions, and complaints to appropriate staff.

     -> Informing families of their rights regarding access to nursery records, due process in disciplinary actions, and participation in special education decisions.

     -> Setting up teacher-parent conferences upon request.

     -> Providing in-service training or other opportunities to help teachers communicate and collaborate with families.

     -> Notifying families promptly if their children have academic difficulties or behavior problems.

     -> Notifying families immediately if their children do not arrive at the nursery and if unexcused absences are becoming a pattern.

     -> Publishing a handbook for families that covers current policies on discipline, absences, dress standards, and parent and student rights.

     -> Obtaining family input when developing new policies or programs.

     -> Scheduling regular parent-teacher organization meetings.

     -> Encouraging families to approach the manager on their own initiative to question nursery policies or procedures, aside from situations that affect only their child.

     -> Establishing procedures for dealing with sensitive issues.

     -> Our Director is always available to respond to any query or complain. She can be easily accessed to any time through email.


We follow a method, where we:

     -> Are committed to ongoing communication with parents to improve our knowledge of the needs of their children and to support their families.

     -> Have a parental notice board which keeps parents up to date on news within our setting and the local community.

     -> Send out regular newsletters.

     -> Inform all parents about how the nursery is run and its policies through access to written information and through regular informal communication, which can all be viewed on our website at their leisure

     -> Encourage and support parents to play an active part in the management of the nursery via questionnaires.

     ->Inform all parents on a regular basis about their children's progress via progress reports, which is sent out thrice per year and offering parent’s evenings at term ends. Parents are welcome to view their child's progress folder anytime.

     -> Parents have access to their children's information through our iEducore app on their mobiles at all times.

     -> Provide opportunities for parents to contribute their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities of the nursery.

     -> Provide information about opportunities to be involved in the setting in ways that are accessible to parents with basic skills needs, or those for whom English is an additional language.

     -> Welcome the contributions of parents, in whatever form these may be.

     -> Inform all parents of the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions and check to ensure these are understood. All parents have access to our written complaints procedure and all other policies via our media application where a pdf document is uploaded.

     -> Provide opportunities for parents to learn about the curriculum offered in the nursery and about young children's learning, in the nursery and at home.

     -> Parents can also access lots of different information from our website / blog/ facebook and also anything of relevance will be on display on the parental notice board.

     -> Encourage parents to become involved in fundraising and charity events.


We expect parents to support their children’s development by

     -> monitoring progress & discussing what they are learning with them & their teachers.

     -> to attend meetings with teachers and nursery manager

     -> to maintain good attendance record throughout the academic year

     -> to ensure nursery fees are paid on time

     -> to be a part of nursery events and actively participate in organization of the same

     -> to support nursery rules regarding attendance, uniform, behavior (3-4 yrs)

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